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I'd like to inspect Gemma Chan's epidermis

08.25.2015by: No Cool Handle

The best reason to give the new AMC show Humans a go is Gemma Chan. The former co-star (in which she played a dominatrix) of Secret Diary of a Call Girl is the sexy synth Anita; who's purchased to aid a nice family with daily responsibilities. A surrogate wife, mother, housekeeper and not to mention the object of lust for their eldest son - Anita slinks around the house begging the viewers to ponder one question - how will the Y chromosomes of the household keep their paws off? The SPOILER answer is...they don't. How could they? Anita makes oblivious, provocative requests like please inspect my epidermis; leaving only a brief amount of time before daddy mods her with the adults only, upgrade disk.

In these photos of her attending the London premiere of Bad Education, she does look very lovely, but a little too "high collar" to put her in the stunning category. The only thing really on display are those long stems. Not that I don't appreciate that, but for good measure, here's an awesome clip of Gemma Chan and Billie Piper stripping down to their undergarments and bathing some unworthy guy. Bath Time

Source: hawtcelebs


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