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I'd like nothing more than to get busted by Sophia Bush

04.02.2015by: Droz

The costume people working on Sophia Bush's Chicago PD show are taking a somewhat unrealistic approach to recreating the dress of your average undercover cop. I have to think that dressing up like an Avengers reject in super tight purple pants and Road Warrior boots would not afford one adequate cover when attempting to infiltrate gangs of drug dealers or terrorist sleeper cells. There's clearly a suspension of disbelief component to this show. Either that or the producers understand that Sophia is a superhero of a babe who should be dressed accordingly. Whatever the case, I approve of how they've fashioned her here. Normally the prospect of getting tackled to the ground, handcuffed and manhandled by the police sounds like an unpleasant thing to me. Were Sophia my friendly neighborhood undercover cop, I think I might actually volunteer. That old lady's purse ain't gonna rob itself.

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