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I'd imagine Hannah Ware to be on a whole lot of people's hit list

08.14.2015by: No Cool Handle

Pictures of Hannah Ware always make me think about how much it sucks the Starz series Boss didn't get one or two more seasons to catch on. Or one or two more seasons of Hannah Ware's drug addled character engaging in oodles of meaningless sex. I seriously doubt there will be any scenes in her new movie Hitman: Agent 47 to fill that void. I really hate when studios/directors waste a perfectly good R rating with lame CGI gore when they can be using it to display a beautiful actress like Hannah Ware, filling the frame with her practical special-effects. That's why even though I knew the original Hitman was going to be terrible, I still paid to go see it. The creators were smart - or perhaps manipulative - enough to give Olga Kurylenko some flesh time; making the endless explosions and dime novel dialogue a little more bearable.

On a slight tangent - why do they always higher certain directors to do these movies when it's apparent they never even played the goddamn game, and don't know what makes it awesome. If, while playing Hitman, your firing rocket launchers, blowing up buildings or shooting people in their face, you're not playing the game right. Hitman was about stealth, killing from the shadows and not leaving a trace. Everything this trailer shows it not to be.

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