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I wonder what Karen Gillan has been up to since leaving Doctor Who

08.26.2013by: Droz

If you watch the [adult swim] on Cartoon Network late nights, you'll probably know that Karen Gillan's follow up to Doctor Who is a small role on their wacky CSI spoof NTSF:SD:SUV. Playing the resident lab geek with a sinister side, her character Daisy seems content in most episodes with finding ways to torture people with her experiments. That is, except for last week's episode, which saw her joining the NTSF crew in their undercover mission to investigate an attack on The President of the Navy at his sports bar, Tig Bittley's. Yeah, it's a wacky show and probably not for everyone. One thing that is universal, however, is the awesomeness of Karen doing a little Coyote Ugly dance on the bar in a pair of daisy dukes and a ripped shirt. Impromptu sexy dances on bars was one of the things Doctor Who was sorely lacking in, so I'm glad NTSF rectified that. Enjoy a little montage of Karen's adventures last week below.

Source: Adult Swim


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