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I think we need to import Argentinian bikini beauty Lola Ponce

07.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know much about Lola Ponce other than what the internet has taught me during a brief but frenzied search after discovering her recent bikini pics. Lola is from Argentina, where she's well known for being a singer, song-writer, actress and sometimes model, essentially performing all of the duties we have grown used to seeing out of Shakira, so why hasn't there been more exposure for this hottie? Ponce has an insane set of abs on her and a quick search of her videos over on YouTube proved that she has pretty damn amazing singing voice to go with it. I've included one slow song, but there are opera-style pieces, Shania Twain kiss-that-guy's-ass-to-the-curb odes and more available for you to check out. Not to mention just wanting to check out Lola in all of her glory. If only more people in America weren't so afraid of music in different languages, just think of the minds we could blow.

Source: Got Celeb


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