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I think Victoria Justice is hinting at wanting to join the mile high club

02.06.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I'm just going to view this all as one big invitation to join the mile high club. Why else would the always adorable Victoria Justice be sporting a tight little dress that shows off her rockin' body all while posing with a pilot's hat? This is clearly and obviously a call out to me for a chance to knock boots up in a cold, cramped bathroom with a hundred other people around because what's more romantic than that? I don't know. That's just what I think. It could also be just a fun pose for the camera, though. Delta Air Lines had a pre-Grammy party because why the f*ck not and Victoria was lucky (or rich and famous) enough to be included on the guest maybe that's what was going on. Ah, I don't care. She looks incredible, is showing off the perfect amount of a hint of cleavage, a generous amount of leg and, as always, looks so sincerely happy and sweet that it just melts my heart. Yeah, I'm going to go with my first idea of what she's doing there. It just makes me feel happy.

Source: Celebmafia


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