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I think Sarah Silverman is trying to tell us something...with her rack

08.14.2015by: No Cool Handle

Since there's no way to know exactly what that is, this shot in the dark I'm about to take will never be anything more than conjecture. I'd imagine Sarah Silverman attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event trying to say something along these lines, "I'm more than just sharp wits, I'm also a pair of tits." Point taken Ms. Silverman. She's probably been doing comedy so long she finally thought it time to branch out and attempt to tickle more than just the funny bone. I've always looked upon her not with the label of hottie, but more along the lines of doable. I realize that's not much of a flattering critique considering a degenerate like myself thinks of his pillow as doable. The best I can say is that if I had to choose between her and my pillow, I would definitely choose her. Who knows - if she keeps wearing such revealing attire as this, I one day might choose her over the hand/sock combination, but no promises.

Source: celeb mafia


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