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I think I understand what Bradley Cooper sees in Irina Shayk

01.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She might have had a role in the box office flop HERCULES but Irina Shayk is definitely getting more press for boning an actor than being one. The Russian-born model has been in a relationship with Bradley Cooper since early last year (Cooper previously was dating another model, Suki Waterhouse, making him a mini-Leo in the dating department) and since then, the press has been paying even closer attention to her. Shayk was in Austria over the weekend, avoiding the East Coast storm for a European one, although she was clearly warm enough to wear this low-cut, figure-hugging red dress at Audi Night, where pretty people get together and pretend to be excited about cars. I don't think I could have concentrated on anything outside of Irina's cleavage, but hey... cars are just a means to get from point A to point B, right?
Source: Daily Mail


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