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I think I found my favorite 2017 SI Swimsuit hottie with Myla Dalbesio

02.09.2017by: Droz

I know it's probably a bold thing to pick out one SI Swimsuit model as one's favorite from the myriad of hotties they pack into each year's edition. They do have a number of amazing women this year, there's no doubt about that. But I've been coming back to the Swimsuit Intimates video for newcomer Myla Dalbesio here for a few days now. I've watched them all that this point, but Myla continues to stand out.

Why does Myla stand out for me? Do you really have to ask? Obviously there are two main reasons for that, both barely contained by those bikini tops. Girl is exactly the kind of body type I'm invariably drawn to in a woman. She's not too round or filled out, but not too thin either. She's right in that coveted, curvaceous sweet spot I wish more women would embrace. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy about a woman like Myra. I'm glad SI has come to understand that as well.

Also, do yourself a favor and Google Myra's nudes sometime. F*ck me...

Myla Dalbesio Model Myla Dalbesio Model Myla Dalbesio Model


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