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I miss the days when Angelina Jolie loved to show off her wild side

01.09.2015by: Droz

They're making a big thing out of praising Angelina Jolie for all her recent directorial and charity efforts. I'm not surprised she's getting all this stroking, what with that Sony leak controversy and the badmouthing she was getting behind the scenes. Can't do that kind of thing to such a sacred, A-list cow as Angie. Not with the impressive empire of fame and philanthropy she's built for herself in the last 20 years. Yeah, that's all good and shit I guess. It's pretty boring though, isn't it? Don't you miss the crazy young Angelina? The one who could hardly keep her clothes on and spent her days banging everything that moved and getting tattoos? That pre-creepy arms, pre-mastectomy, pre-Brad, pre-Billy Bob, pre-Oscar, pre-rug rat army Angelina? Someone managed to dig up this vintage photoshoot of Angelina from back in those days. Just look at her. Nothing but unbridled sex. She can't get enough of it. Wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that some lucky PA got to abscond to Angelina's trailer shortly after this shoot wrapped, to help her blow off some of the sexual energy she's putting out here.

The passage of time really sucks sometimes. Despite how beneficial modern day Angelina is for orphaned kids and poor people the world over, I still want our super hot, 20-year-old, batshit crazy Angelina back. Those were good times.

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