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I love how Meagan Good chose to wear a shirt that only barely covers her bra

07.27.2015by: No Cool Handle

I'm a much bigger fan of the candid photo than I am of the over-processed. Photoshop is the beer goggles equivalent for image-based eye candy. Take these candid shots of Meagan Good for example. She's wearing an outfit she looks like she slept in; no makeup, underwear exposed and hair in a kerchief. This is normally a state a renowned beauty like Meagan would die if she were caught in, but she smiles for the curbside creep, capturing the sexy curves that make up her lower half, and the pattern covered bustier supporting her upper half. She doesn't need designer clothes or digital illusions to spark blood flow to male appendages; she's fine, she knows it, and she knows we know it.

The only thing that needs to be touched up on her is____?

Add any part of Meagan Good you want to touch the most to the comment section below.

Extra Tidbit: "You've got those childbearing hips. Baby just pop right out." -Eddie Murphy (Nutty Professor)


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