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I heart Meagan Good's unsupported chest

04.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

You can always count on this good Christian girl, Meagan good, to show up on the red carpet tits out and oiled down for events like the I Heart Radio Awards – or, maybe that's an all-natural glow. Perhaps, like me, she sees a strong connection to her tasty globes and divine inspiration; always quick, fast and in a hurry to share the Lord's handiwork with the masses. Speaking of masses: how else can you explain her ability to make those baby-feeders look so round and large without the aid of a bra? God must've taken 500mg of Adderall on the day he was shaping her out, giving him the laser focus needed for creating such a masterpiece. Usually I have a strong adverse reaction to a female as fine as she styling her hair like Moe from the Three Stooges but when Meagan Good does it, she inspires all kinds of lucid, slapstick, role playing fantasies.


Source: Got Celeb


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