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I guess Liberty Ross wasn't scared of KStew when she hit up the Vanity Fair party with her goodies showing

02.28.2013by: Cherry Liquor
The director of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, Rupert Sanders, is the guy that all the tabloids were putting on blast because he had the ill sense (according to them) to begin a relationship with that movie's lead star, Kristen Stewart. Doing a little bit of research, I was able to deduce this - Sanders and his wife, Liberty Ross, the lovely lady knowingly wearing a black top that the lights of the paps' cameras will glare straight through while she takes pictures at the Vanity Fair Post-Oscars party, officially separated in June of 2012. The "scandal" where KStew was caught on film kissing the director came in August, after the official separation. While the two may or may not have been hooking up prior to the official separation, the reality is that the two felt comfortable to spend time together where they might be caught on camera because the separation had already happened. And as anyone who has ever had a relationship ever knows, what other people see on the surface isn't always what is true under the skin. Ross and Sanders had been married for 9 years before the scandal broke. And yes, they have had two children together. But what makes one so innocent and the other so guilty? It has always appeared to me that those in "the industry" (including the fact that Liberty has been a model since she was a child and knew much of the scandalous matters of life in the limelight before ever meeting Sanders) have a fairly good grasp on the temptation that their jobs put them in. And no one, on no side, is perfect. One finger pointed out, 4 fingers pointed in.


Source: Huffington Post


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