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I guess it's not totally inconceivable that people would still want to interview Lindsay Lohan

01.22.2014by: Cherry Liquor

In her wildly extensive career, Lindsay Lohan has never previously found her way to Sundance until just this year. The much beleaguered actress held a press conference while she was in Park City, Utah, to talk about joining forces with Randall Emmett, a producer and financier who most recently has backed the movies 2 GUNS and END OF WATCH, to bring a movie to the big screen that she personally found the script for.

While there isn't a director (or any other cast) attached to the movie so far, Lohan talked about plans to begin filming in March of this year. After the documented trials that everyone involved in Lindsay's last movie, THE CANYONS, went through with the formerly bright young star, she seems to feel as if this project will pan out well.

"There's nothing better than having seen all of your ideas and thoughts that you've been thinking about to come to fruition and to share that with people. I think that's why I've always loved making movies so much. So it's nice to be able to have another position in the film rather than just showing up and being on the set."

Lohan disclosed that she has personally approached actress Juliette Lewis regarding the actress potentially joining the cast and that she "would die" if Jessica Lange could be a part of the project. Here's to seeing what will come of INCONCEIVABLE. As for other things going on with Lindsay, we can always check out the docu-series that Oprah has commissioned for the star as a part of her OWN network.


Source: NY Daily News


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