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I don't know, is Kristen Stewart really all that bad?

11.05.2012by: Droz

Yeah, we and other folks have given Kristen Stewart a lot of shit lately, a lot of it deserved. She did mess around on her guy and didn't really handle the aftermath of that very well. She stars in shitty, half-assed vampire movies and she seems to have a bad attitude a lot of times. Her press and her reputation have been not-so-great lately, but it seems like a lot of that ire has died down now that Kristen and her sparkly boyfriend are back together again, having apparently patched things up for at least as long as the PR stuff for TWILIGHT needs its two stars to look happy with each other. Now she's promoting her other new movie, ON THE ROAD, doing press portraits like these, where she actually looks quite beautiful.

Yes, all the infamy and bad behavior happened, but it seems like everybody involved is really eager to put it all behind them and move on. I think that's probably for the best. She's made some bad choices, but how many 22-year-olds don't make bad choices? Yes, sometimes she looks bored and disenfranchised with the entire idea of fame. That's not such a bad thing. Would you rather she go the Kardashian or Stodden route and practically fellate her fame every chance she gets? Frowns and stone faces might not be the sorts of faces we'd like our hotties to be making, but at least it's honest. She doesn't like press conferences and red carpets. If I were forced to do that kind of shit, I'd probably looked pissed and bored too.

Maybe you're not ready to accept her, but for me, I'd say she's paid her dues. As long as she's smartened up and learned a thing or two, I'm ready to let bygones be bygones. And if she can manage a genuine smile now and again, all the better.


Extra Tidbit: Say what you like, the girl is rocking one hot little body.


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