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I don't know how we missed Megalyn Echikunwoke's see-through Emmy dress

09.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
To be fair, it was a pre-Emmys party that hottie Megalyn Echikunwoke wore this see-through knit dress that gave us an exceptional view of her exceptional sweater puppies, but is anyone really keeping score while staring into those things? Most people keep referring to Megalyn as being Chris Rock's girlfriend (because she is) and the fact that the giant ring she was wearing while accompanying him to the awards was NOT an indicator that the comedian had proposed to her. I just want to stop the world and stare at her. I want to know when she's going to find a good role, having found her to be charming on that short-lived Christen Slater/Steve Zahn show, "Mind Games." (How did a show with those two glorious bastards end up canceled? Oh, that's right. It was on ABC, the channel that cancels everything if it can't compete with the schlocky shit over on CBS.) But if being Rock's girlfriend keeps her attending events dressed like this, well, go ahead and think of her as only a girlfriend. I don't mind her (over)exposure.
Source: ExtraTV


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