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I Didn't Know What a Halsey Was, But I'm Glad I Do Now

The fine folks over at Fashion Gone Rogue brought my attention to the many styles and shades of Halsey, a 20-year-old singer/songwriter I had no idea existed until today, but she’s staying on my radar now. She apparently has a different look for every single day, and I love a hottie who can keep ‘em guessing. Who knows what color she’ll have tomorrow! Green Mohawk? Maroon Jheri Curl?  I’m excited to find out.

I don’t know much about her actual music career, other than some buzz following her SXSW performance this year is getting people talking. She’s releasing an album this summer called “Badlands” and if it turns out the title’s a direct reference to the Malick film of the same name, I just might have a new musician crush to obsess over.

Extra Tidbit: Halsey is an anagram of the singerís real first name, Ashley.


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