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I Dare you to not check out Charlotte McKinney's rack at this Guess event

07.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Guess has a history of loving itself some busty blondes and Charlotte McKinney is certainly living up to their standards. Charlotte put her natural 32F chest (which she doesn't think you should be asking about unless you're planning on buying her a bra) to work for the fragrance launch that the denim company held in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Charlotte teamed up with another hot blonde model, Hailey Baldwin, who might not have been as blessed in the boob department but who has certainly defied her father's oft-times dopey looks. I don't have much else to say about what's going on here, other than to point out that it's nice to see a tailored set of denim short shorts, rather than having those pesky cutoff stringy fringe stuff. Sure, you get more visible butt cheek out of those but they look more corner store hillbilly white trash than they do sexy.
Source: Daily Mail


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