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Hunter Haley King serves up a nice view of her grab bags

04.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's no good defense for groping females that have zero interest in being groped. It's not easy, nay, it's impossible to say you were just playing around and a moment of bad judgement caused you to fondle some boobs without consent. To be clear, I don't condone that kind of behavior. So when I say: I understand, and have experienced, that overwhelming urge to lunge toward a magnetic pair of tits like those Hunter Haley King was born with, that doesn't mean it's cool to act on it. Unfortunately, her 'The Young and the Restless' co star, Michael Muhney, didn't feel the same way. He was fired after not once, but twice, grabbing a handful of Hunter's heavy bags. Some may recognize this as the old news it is but come on; how many of those who visit this section are current on Soap Opera scandals? These images of her unsupported chest attending the Marie Claire Fresh Faces Party are current, though. It might be a good idea to surround those tits with velvet ropes the way they do at museums so people know not to put their greasy hands on priceless works of art.

Source: Got Celeb


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