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Hunter Haley King in a tank top and jeans is hotter than it sounds

04.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

Her range as an actress may keep her spouting stilted dialogue on The Young and the Restless indefinitely, but the camera flatters Hunter Haley King as well as many Hollywood 'A' list celebrity babes. Most of the time, only upper echelon hotties wearing something as commonplace as jeans and a tank top ever catch my eye - it's not the jeans, it's the ass that fills them. However, Ms. King could've been your standard issue catalog model and I would have taken a moment out of respect; respect for the lovely pair of legs, that gropeable chest - her co-star was given his walking papers because he was unable to resist those tractor beams - and lets not leave out that pretty face. Hopefully someone will give her a crack at something, anything, besides soapy shit. Then we'll see if we can add talented to that list of respectable attributes. If not, there's always indie horror.

Source: Serena Boutique


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