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Huge boobs and bikinis combine once again for new Charlotte McKinney pics

01.13.2016by: Droz

I can't say exactly when or where these pics by photographer Tyler Kandel were taken. They're new to us though, so they're getting posted. Besides, I don't think we're capable of passing up any chance at displaying Charlotte McKinney and her wondrous natural gifts. They are one of those spectacles that consistently prove themselves good for repeat viewing. One thing these pics also prove is that Charlotte has every right to be the model she is. I've heard some grumble about that, seemingly casting her down into some sub-par category of modelling simply because she has huge tits. I'll grant that squeezing massive boobs into just about any garment has a tendency to distract from said garment. However, sex does sell. If Charlotte can make folks purchase her bikinis or whatever in the hope that their tits will look as tasty as hers, well that's just nothing but cash registers ringing all over the place. So Charlotte has every right to be doing what she's doing. I'll validate her skills her over some bony anorexic any day.

Source: Tyler Kandel


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