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How does one apply for the job of Emilia Clarke necklace wrangler?

11.04.2015by: Droz

That's got to be awkward, having some guy fiddling with the necklace you're wearing while you've got your boobs hanging out of a blazer. I wouldn't know anything about that, as I don't have boobs and I'm not known for necklace wearing. But I suppose if you're someone who does what Emilia does, you get used to the idea of random people coming up and putting their hands on or near to your naughty bits. Believe it or not, the supposed intention of these pics is not showing off Emilia, but rather the line of Dior jewelry for which Emilia is the recently anointed spokesperson. That's a nice gig, if not a silly one. I'm sure these necklaces and rings would be popular with folks in the market for such things, but once you toss Emilia into the mix, it's not about the jewelry anymore. It's about Emilia wearing jewelry with her shirt unbuttoned. That's just good ad strategy. Make people associate their longstanding desire to bang The Mother of Dragons with designer jewelry. That could sell all kinds of shit.

Source: Superior Pics


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