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How do you say Rachel McAdams is damn sexy in Japanese

04.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

I had to do a double take when I came across these photos. Not because of some truly great angles that perfectly showcase what a world class pair of legs Rachel McAdams has. No, I almost overlooked them because they were titled "Rachel McAdams attends SPOTLIGHT premiere in Tokyo; surely these had to be dated. That movie had it's premiere; a theatrical run; won a shit-ton of awards at a variety of different ceremonies and has been released on Blu-ray - is it just smaller films like SPOTLIGHT that take this long to debut in Japan or do blockbusters take an unreasonable amount of time as well? At least it provided Rachel with yet another opportunity to show us why we remain obsessed with her - and thanks to whomever took theses photos. Like I said before: these are some great angles that make a noticeable impact. Perhaps this is how we should be doing it in the states; have attendees walk across some kind of elevated platform so we get sexy images like these... easy up-skirts also.

Source: NSFW


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