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How do you like your Bella Thorne, cute or slinky?

06.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

Luckily, when applying that kind of question to pictures of a fine specimen like Bella Thorne during a time when you can share said pictures – as many as you desire – instantaneously, and with the entire world, you can respond with a resounding: Both! I took the liberty of anticipating that response and provided just that... both. If this was one of those scenarios where I had to come down on one side of the fence, lest some sadistic f**k bust a cap in my crown, I'd go with slinky; mostly because I'm a bigger dork than I sometimes care to admit.

I always considered the Power Rangers to be the bastardization of one of my most beloved childhood cartoons, Voltron (For fellow fans who may not know: Netflix and DreamWorks has recently released a respectful reboot). Even though Bella and I are at odds in regards to which take on giant robots fighting intergalactic wars we prefer, I'm always in total agreement with her stellar wardrobe choices. Cute, slinky, sexy, tasteful, even slutty; there is not one of those looks she can't effortlessly pull off, making her, in essence, the Voltron of fashionable hotties. One who can combine all five distinct looks to form one giant, legendary hottie that leaves eyes wide and jaws on the floor.

Extra Tidbit: Those lips!
Source: ns4wns4w


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