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How do people that workout in the same gym as Selena Gomez stay focused

01.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

I wouldn't even be able to stand up.

What I wouldn't do to give Selena Gomez the workout she really deserves; hours and hours of calorie burning coital bliss. Then she wouldn't have to be uncomfortably photographed while entering the gym she frequents. You can tell by her face-covering gesture that she's a little more than annoyed with the intrusive photographer – she's obviously forced to suck in her gut and stick out her chest as well. If only she subscribed to my fitness regimen, she wouldn't have to worry about on the spot posturing. My program doesn't even require her to leave the house, and, it's free! No hidden gym fees, no lunk heads groaning in every corner and no weights, treadmills or any other versatile solutions for staying physically fit needed. What we're talking about here is the equivalent to natural medicine; stripping away all of those unnecessary elements and getting better results, all while laying on the flat of your back.

Source: Got Celeb


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