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How about some toned Vanessa Hudgens tush to start off your week?

04.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Bella Thorne and her sister weren't the only hot young female celebs hitting up the beaches of Miami over the weekend. Our favorite little neo-hippie, Vanessa Hudgens decided to visit the beaches of the East before she (presumably) hits up Coachella this upcoming weekend. And what's better than watching her get her groove on while nursing various suspicious elements (remember back in 2011 when she was caught licking a baggie filled with white "powder"?) than seeing that fit tush of hers in a backless blue swimsuit? If I had to place bets on whether it would be more fun to hang out with the Thorne sisters or the Hudgens sisters, my money would be solidly on Vanessa & Stella, if only because they'd known how to cover the munchies. 
Source: Daily Mail


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