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How about some shots of Jamie Chung's tan lines to start your week

08.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

Any Jamie Chung enthusiasts will tell you that you're more likely to come across a four leaf clover in the desert than you are to find photos of the elusive Jamie Chung ass shot. That may be an exaggerated way of saying we hardly ever see the California girl's uncovered body, but it is rare – extremely rare. So when she shows up on the shores of Miami in a tiny two-piece, that's cause for celebration, or at the very least, a few moments of your time. Being such a rare and precious gift, it also makes for a great way to kick off your week. Where images from routine hotties in attention seeking outfits tend to fade sooner rather than late, these sexy optics have the potential to stick with you long after you've given them a good look-see. At the tender age of 33, it's doubtful we'll ever see Ms. Chung turn from her timid ways and give us the full on anatomical views we've been dying to see; bikini pics like these will have to suffice.

Source: ns4w


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