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How about some possibly authentic nude photos of Scarlett Johansson to wake you up this morning?

09.14.2011by: Seth Gecko

UPDATE: Looks like Scarlett is taking some heavy action by acquiring the services of the FBI to try and track down the hack ring responsible for getting the photos. So we know at this point what we figured all along, the photos are 100% real. Click here to check out the latest update. Be sure to check out the photos as well while you can cause they might not be up for long.

You'd think that after all the leaked sex tapes, nude photos from cellphones and whatever the hell else you can possibly take a nude image of yourself with being released to the world that celebrities would be a bit more careful nowadays. Thankfully for us they're still not that careful and it appears the rights of yet another actress have been violated somehow with her nude photos being posted on the world wide web. One thing that makes this particular actress stand out the most though is that she's not just any actress. This ladies and gentlemen is none other than one of the hottest actresses to grace this little blue planet...this is Scarlett Johansson. It has very recently come to our attention that these photos taken from her cellphone might in fact be 100% real. How do we know this you ask?

Well I'm not going to get into too much detail on it but these photos have been carefully analyzed as you can imagine and it comes down to a few important details such as the tattoo on her arm being in the correct spot for the first mirror photo as well. Another important detail mentioned is that ScarJo's home was recently featured in a home magazine and the wallpaper of her bedroom in the photos match the wallpaper shown in the first photo below. Now bear in mind that I'm not the one who did all this investigating as I am a sane human being but the evidence is goddamn interesting nonetheless. However you can check them out for yourself below and come to your own conclusion. The bottom line though is that if they're real which I think they are, Scarlett has the body that appears to be etched out of marble. Perfect! Just a quick note to make sure you all know that the uncensored photos are NSFW!

Click on each thumbnail to see the photo UNCENSORED!

Extra Tidbit: Still pretty creepy that somebody is out there hacking phones like this and downloading personal photos. Definitely a violation of her rights.


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