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How about some Arianny Celeste in red lingerie to close out your week

03.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If the only job that Arianny Celeste ever had was to stand around in lacy undergarments while having her picture taken, I doubt anyone would argue that that wasn't a legitimate expression of perfection in the workplace. Shit, people do a lot of crazy stuff while punching the clock, so if it takes a hot girl in bra & panties to put all of that job related stuff into perspective for us, well, Arianny should be a Nobel Peace Prize winner by now. She understands that not all of us are going to shell out for a UFC fight at home, or trudge our asses down to the local bar to drop dough on overpriced beers in exchange for watching the fight for free with a bunch of people we really don't want to hang out with. She knows we need the internet and a simple search to find our happiness at the end of a tiring workweek. And for that, I salute Arianny Celeste. 
Source: DI Home


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