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How about a little wet Charlize Theron to kick off your weekend?

06.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If only Charlize Theron had a hot older sister. Not that there's anything objectionable with the South African beauty, the thought just came to me when I noticed that one of her upcoming movies, AMERICAN EXPRESS (which inexplicably has 2 IMDB profile entries, one listing it as a drama and the other as a comedy thriller), is directed by Nash Edgerton, the only slightly older brother of Joel Edgerton, who is Theron's co-star in that film. The two brothers look quite a bit alike but nowhere near as good if it were a couple of Charlizes on the street. The other big release we have to look forward to is of course Theron's involvement in FAST 8, reportedly as one of the villains in the latest action-packed car franchise. I would even say that Helen Mirren, who is about the loveliest a GILF-aged actress has any right to be, will also be riding with the gang, but we all know that's what Jennifer Lawrence's elder twin looks like.
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