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Hotties like Bryana Holly are why tiny, lacy underwear was invented

02.16.2016by: Droz

Disappointment is one of those things which takes hold of women who think they're gonna look like Bryana Holly here when they go underwear shopping. I've had to lie to more than one woman on that, lest they come down too hard on themselves for not being on par with the girl on the box. Too bad women can't go by the same standards as us guys. It's perfectly normal for us to buy underwear that comes rolled up in a plastic bag, which we then wear consistently every day for months and months. Our stuff is good to wear to the office, or the job site, or on a date, or whatever. Doesn't matter if it gets stretched out a little or the elastic waistband gets frayed. We're good. Women have that too, but for some reason they emphasize the underwear requiring more thought and consideration, like the stuff Bryana is wearing here. Seems kinda silly to me. Sure, all that lace looks nice on her, but it's still tantamount to really nice wrapping paper vs. the stuff you buy at the dollar store. Sure, this stuff might have a prettier design on it, but in the end they're both going to wind up crumpled on the floor.

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