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Hotties gather at the TCA party to awe critics with cleavage and cuteness

07.30.2012by: Salacious Crumb

It's a little ironic that with all the "award shows" that are getting televised, the Television Critics Association awards didn't get any airtime this year. Granted the Olympics just started this weekend, so phony trophies given out by TV critics was probably pushed toward the back burner of importance. Whatever the case, the ceremony did happen, in more of a "formal party" type manner, and they weren't shorthanded when it came to eye-candy. As networks such as, Showtime, CBS, The CW and The Disney Channel are desperately scratching around for ideas to up their ratings, they've decided to suffocate us with a parade of cute and sexy TV starlets to put us under their hypnosis. Whether or not we end up checking out any of these shows, it's always nice to check out the hot girls in them. Lucy Liu won the award for Best Drama Guest Actress in "Southland" and seems very jumpy about it. She still looks super cute and energetic. Who doesn't enjoy some Lucy Liu hair whipping around? I'm really digging the way little Miss Kat Dennings is looking more and more like the daughter of Christina Hendricks. Those two should have lunch together, I'm sure they would have a lot of common ground to cover. Next is the always fun-to-look-at Sophia Bush, simply there to promote "Partners" in a stunning, "hey look at me" red dress. "The Mentalist"'s redheaded arouser, Amanda Righetti made an appearance, and that sexy mug really caught my eye for the first time. If only that skirt would get blown up by the wind like at the Teen Choice Awards so we could see what's under the hood. Next we have bright-red lipstick activist Emmy Rossum from "Shameless". Let's be honest, she's cool just for being on that show. I must say, Hayden Panettiere is killing it lately with her cuteness, being as perky as ever, in more ways than one. AnnaLynne McCord came around to pose for the cameras. She has a fantastic bod, but why would she go ruin it with that hair? It looks like an explosion in a mattress factory. Infamous money-milker of the TV world Jessica Lowndes was there to pay her respects to critics, and finally, "2 Broke Girls" co-star Beth Behr showed up by herself, probably to avoid getting trapped inside Kat's huge cleavage. So let's see which one of these ladies' careers blows up the most this year, then we'll know which one of them nailed the most critics that night. Just kidding. Or am I?


Extra Tidbit: Really, I am kidding.


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4:10PM on 07/30/2012

Hayden looks great as usual

oh and Kat Dennings = Motorboat heaven
oh and Kat Dennings = Motorboat heaven
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5:29AM on 07/31/2012

lord have mercy

Kat you are freakin killing me.
Kat you are freakin killing me.
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