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04.07.2008by: Seth Gecko

We've got some cool new stuff on the front-burner here at everybody and I'd like to start us off with a new weekly post that we think everybody will love. As you all know, whenever an awesome movie trailer comes out in high definition and features a smokin' hot celebrity, I always take screen captures from those trailers and post them as individual stories. Sometimes however, there are so many new trailers that we can't possibly post them all individually.

So at the end of every week from now on, we'll be posting HOTTIE TRAILER CAPS from all the latest movie previews that we couldn't get through during the week and post them in the highest quality possible. So make sure you stay tuned as we bring you the best and most recent trailer caps. To start us off this week, here are a bunch of terrific screen captures from both the latest "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" and "Deception" trailers (Check out Maggie Q in the "Deception" trailer...Wow!)

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