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Hottie Report Card: Emily Blunt

06.06.2014by: Salacious Crumb

Yesterday, we were just on the edge of seeing the release of EDGE OF TOMORROW, which comes out today. So far, the Tom Cruise sci-fi epic has recieved a surprisingly big number of positive reviews. What looked like you typical, commitee-created Hollywood cash-grab may actually, in fact, wind up being a fun time at the theater. Before this news came along, I personally had little interest in checking it out. If I may be blunt, that little bit of interest was due to Cruise's co-star, and reknowned English hottie, Emily Blunt. This brought it to my attention that Emily has yet to have received the "Hottie Report Card" treatment. So let's grab our theoretical pencils and put her to the test, shall we?

From the first time I ever layed eyes on Emily, I thought she was the poor man's Katy Perry. I know that sounds bad, but I don't really consider that a negative thing. In no way did I ever find Blunt unattractive from the shoulders up, mind you, I just viewed her slightly above average in this department. Of course, as we continue, you'll see many of her other strengths outway this subject.

If you've ever seen Blunt in CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR, her backside probably caught your eye like a tractor beam at least once. Emily most certainly has some potential in this area, and my only criticism would be that she doesn't take enough advantage of the gift the almighty has given her. It's tough to defend a hottie's heiny when you have virtually no examples to go by, few over the shoulder shots, and rare visits to the beach. I know the life of a hot celebrity doesn't revolve around the nerd drooling at her through a computer screen, but it should, don't ya think?

Here's another subject which could be greatly improved by a bit more showmanship. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this particular rack, as far as we know, anyway. From what I've gathered, they're full, natural, and they exist, which basically fits all the criterea for a beautiful bosom. Luckily, Emily's began to show a little more confidence in this subject, so let's hope it's not only temporary.

Here's a category Blunt rocks, and I will proudly defend. She's clearly kept in terrific shape all throughout her run as an actress. She clearly puts a hell of an effort into making this a possibility, and it's impossible not to respect that. Plus, some of the most awesome photos I've seen of Emily are her workout photos, which serve as icing on the cake.

You can't knock on Emily Blunt's career, and no, it doesn't matter if your grandparents don't know who she is. She gained recognition with her excellent performances in smaller films and made her smaller roles stand out until she finally started getting high-profile gigs. Some have been pretty damn fantastic (LOOPER, CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR), and others have been kind of disappointing (THE WOLFMAN, GULLIVER'S TRAVELS). Still, she's built up quite an impressive resume over the years for being a 31-year-old hottie from England.

Blunt has shown her ability to make us laugh, and laugh at herself, while at the same time being able to play a straight dramatic role at the drop of a hat. It's obvious why so many makers of film want to work with this woman time and time again. She seems like a sheer delight and a lot more easy-going than you might have expected beforehand. Whatever she hardly lacks in any of the previous subjects, she makes up for here. I don't think there's a doubt in anyone's mind that Blunt is an established "movie hottie".

Extra Tidbit: How would you have graded our student of the week, professor?


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