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Hottie Report Card: Danielle Campbell

09.22.2017by: Droz

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I've been writing about the various goings on in the hottie world long enough to see a generation of fine, celebrity women gradually become supplanted by a new one coming up behind them. As is always the case with hottie celebs, new faces constantly wait in the wings. This might be why so many hotties are extending their longevity out well into ages that were previously considered past it.

Someone who at the moment need not worry about being past it is Danielle Campbell. As one of the new fresh faces around entering into that early 20s sweet spot of hotness, she represents everything there is to like about women of her age and make. She's just a tight, pretty, sexy little slice of doable goodness I'd very much like to nibble on. Sounds like a top grade in the making. Let's find out.

There are plenty of pretty faces in celebrity land. And then there's Danielle. She's not just pretty. She's a stunner. In fact, she's almost too pretty. It's hard to believe someone could be this perfectly formed in the face. There's almost a CGI like degree of perfect to her. Yet there she is - just a big, bright ray of girl next door sunshine. Danielle has a number of quality aspects to look at, but her face might just be my favorite. Plus, she seems to get better the less she does with her face. If that's not natural beauty, I don't know what is.

If you're into a big rack, Danielle will come as a disappointment. Being partial to a bulletproof physique and not being one of those lucky girls who maintains a healthy bust no matter what, Danielle lives her life as an A-cup girl. Some folks actually prefer this kind of minimal titty situation. I'm kind of in the middle myself. Something larger here sounds good to me, but too big wouldn't look right on Danielle's tiny frame. Anyway, having seen her without her top on, I can say with confidence her barely there boobs would work just fine by me.

While boobies fans might feel cheated with Danielle, true butt lovers will find plenty to enjoy in what she's got here. Girl has herself a healthy little white girl ass. It's not a huge, bouncy ass like some, but it's got enough girth and cleft at the base so that Danielle might twerk with the best of them. I don't know what more you need than that.

You aren't likely to find someone in better shape than Danielle is right now. Sure, I trend toward women with a little more girth in those favored parts of their persons. Yet it's not out of place to see someone 22-years-old making the most out of the ease with which they can achieve a rock hard physique. Danielle certainly has done this, and then some. If nothing else, being so well built at this point in her life makes Danielle's bikini moments all the more epic.

Here's where some trouble comes into paradise. While Danielle has all the physical tools necessary to be a major player on the hottie scene, she still hasn't quite gotten there in a professional sense. Her biggest claim to fame thus far is her vampire show The Originals, which she isn't on anymore. Danielle does have a few movies in the works, but nothing major. Sure, it's early yet. Could be she's still waiting for that big movie break to come along. I hope she gets it. Right now though, for me, career is the least interesting thing about her.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know a whole lot about Danielle as a person. Based on what I see of her on social media, she comes across like the typical young Hollywood star - liberal leaning, a fan of nature, and fashion, and friends, and partying. It's the standard issue young celeb profile. Not a lot of detail there though. In the absence of something more substantially good or bad here, I give her the middle ground grade and resist the urge to take her dimpled angel face as an indication of the content of her character.

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