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Hottie Report Card: Daisy Ridley

04.08.2016by: Droz

This week not only sees the arrival of STAR WARS EPISODE VII on Blu-ray, which is already causing a whole new round of illegally produced content to spread wide across the vast wild west territory we call the internet. It's also when the 24th birthday of one Daisy Ridley arrives, who I'm sure you all know plays Rey in this new Holy Trilogy. Yes, the subject of everyone's newest Star Wars sex fantasies is another year older. Though what a year it's been for her, going from relative obscurity to one of the biggest roles ever. Getting a role like this must mean Daisy is pretty special. Special enough to ace our hottie test, do you think? See about this, we will.

They outdid themselves when they chose Daisy for this role. Not just because she was an unknown, which has been a STAR WARS tradition since the beginning. And not just because she's English, which is another SW tradition. And not just because she's beautiful, which she certainly is. No, the real appeal of Daisy is the sympathy factor. It's hard not to sympathize with every emotion she has as Rey. When she's scared, you're scared for her. When she's angry, you're angry along with her. When she smiles, she lights up the room and gets you smiling. Girl has a face and a way about her that takes ahold of your emotions and makes you feel whatever she wants you to feel. I can't think of a better trait to have for someone playing the vulnerable protagonist in a STAR WARS movie.

Alright, so Daisy isn't blessed with the biggest boobs there ever were. I can see how some might have a problem with this. Hey, I love a big rack as much as the next guy. However, in Daisy's case, I'm okay with what she's got. I envision a very different Episode VII playing itself out, were Daisy running around Jakku with a massive rack bouncing around inside her tunic thing. With her frame, a modest bust seems more natural. And besides, it's not right to distract your audience from the story by making them want to motorboat the female lead in every scene.

Like with her boobs, Daisy's ass is not the most fleshy, filled out booty around. Although it's got a nice form to it. Were I her guy, or a scumbag given to lecherous advances and sex offender statuses, I might give that ass a good grab with little difficulty. Anyway, it doesn't serve her character to have too much junk back there - not if she's gonna be swinging light sabers around. She might lop off a cheek for her trouble. Ain't no bacta tank gonna fix that.

STAR WARS is filled with traditions. These traditions prescribe how things should look and behave in a galaxy far, far away. Fans expect to see these basic approaches to characters, technologies, or locations when they go see a STAR WARS movie. So, for instance, Imperials are supposed to be creepy white dudes on massive, highly polished ships. Dodgy bars are to be filled with weird-looking creatures. Rebel/New Republic fighters need to have shitty paint jobs. Another thing we almost always see in STAR WARS movies are sleek Force users. We have yet to see a pudgy dude swinging a lightsaber outside of internet memes. Clearly, if you want to play someone who uses The Force, you better workout. Looks like Daisy qualifies just fine.

Compressor bypassing skills notwithstanding, Daisy's abilities as an actor were a concern to many prior to Episode VII's release. How was this relatively unknown young actress going to play the lead in the biggest movie event in years? Fortunately, she did just fine. I quickly went from being nervous about her, to being unable to picture anyone else in the role. Still, she is fairly new, without much else to brag on in her resume. Eventually she'll become just as iconic as the rest of the STAR WARS regulars - something many of those regulars see as a double-edged sword. With rumors flying that Daisy could be up for the role of Lara Croft in the next TOMB RAIDER movie, it's possible she might overcome some of those negatives which have befallen previous STAR WARS icons. Only time will tell there.

We've been pretty STAR WARS happy with Daisy here. This is by design. But even if you're one of those strange people who hates STAR WARS or just hated this iteration of it, you gotta admit Daisy is one bright, beautiful Rey of sunshine. She's always got a smile on her face, always seems so happy just to have the opportunity to be wherever she is, doing whatever she's doing. I'm sure all the glitz and glamour of her new life plays out like a carnival ride at this point. I hate to speculate on what 4 decades of such attention may do to her. If she learns by example and avoids the Carrie Fisher route to dealing with fame, or lack thereof, I'm sure Daisy will remain just as bright in years to come.

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