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Hottie of the Month - Emmanuelle Chriqui

04.25.2018by: Droz

Hottie of the Month April 2018 Emmanuelle Chriqui

Us children of the 90s find ourselves now in the unenviable position of watching as we, and by necessity the celebrities we enjoyed back then, slowly succumb to the ravages of time. This is something generations of people have done before us and more generations will do after us. Yet for the time being, a select few hotties we've been gushing over since the 90s have managed to keep much of their hotness intact well into the 21st century. Perhaps the best example of this great longevity of bangability is Emmanuelle Chriqui. Even as the years pass, she remains just as beautiful and excitingly put together as she ever was before. It's not something too many folks born in the mid-1970s can still say, yet Emma somehow makes miracles happen there anyway.

Speaking of miracles, check out this retrospective tribute featuring a few of Emmanuelle's hottest moments over the course of her career. Enjoy!

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