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Hottie Bel Powley's intense gaze has me on the verge of insanity

01.22.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

It warms my heart (and other places that I'm not going to talk about on this website) to find hotties that I've never heard about. With features that include giant, doe-like eyeballs and a set of ridiculously soft, sexy lips, this gal goes by the name of Bel Powley and a disturbing thought to go back to is the fact that I probably would have never, ever heard about or seen her had it not been for working for this website. The job definitely has its perks. I suppose the good folks over at Verge Magazine have a little bit of a one-up on me, since they're the ones who nabbed her and threw her on the cover of their magazine for January. Apparently, she's an English actress who did a lot of TV and all that jazz in the day, so hopefully this is just the beginning we see of those eyes and those lips, cause I couldn't say "Damn!" enough while looking at her. 

Source: Got Celeb


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