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12.24.2008by: Seth Gecko

Hello my fellow JoBlo readers and I hope you've all had a kick-ass holiday so far. As we inch closer and closer toward Christmas Day, the staff and I at JoBlo and MovieHotties have decided to present all of you with an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode of the "JoBlo Movie Show" which will air online on Monday, December 29. It's going to be a very special episode for MovieHotties in particular as we'll be presenting some special awards and shout-outs to the ladies who made our hearts beat the quickest in 2008.

For the sneak peek of the upcoming episode which you can check out below, we're pleased to present a segment featuring our choices for the TOP 5 HOTTIE SCENES OF 2008. That's right gents, we've scoured over dozens of films this year and through blood, sweat and lots of tissues, we've narrowed it down to five top choices and the result is your sneak peek below. So be sure to check out the amazing exclusive below and to check out the entire episode, check out on Monday for what will be our best episode yet!

Extra Tidbit: It's been a great year for hotties wouldn't you say?


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