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Hot ot Not: Alice Englert

03.12.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Should I be fitted for combat wear if I post on my choice of Hot or Not actress this week? While she's playing a teenager from the 1960's in this week's release, GINGER & ROSA and while her co-star, Elle Fanning, is still not of legal consenting age, from doing a brief amount of research, I can tell you that she might not be displaying it on her IMDB profile, but she's definitely over 18. So shut it.

Alice Englert

I might be one of the few people who went to go see BEAUTIFUL CREATURES on the first week it was released. Some say that it might be due to the pervasive advertising that ABC Family Channel did for the movie while I would be elbow deep in the implausible drama that is "Pretty Little Liars." Some might say it's because I like to watch movies based on books before I read the book so that I can enjoy both in their own individual ways. I say it's because Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson and Emmy Rossom are awesome and they were all in it.

Still, as much as those big name actors added to the appeal of the film, it was its star, Alice Englert (although the argument can be made that Alden Ehrenreich, the boy Englert's character falls in love with, is the real lead of the film) who made the movie tangible. The girl has expression to her that you can read from the slight curl of the corner of her mouth or the hollow gaze she'd get and you'd embody her sadness. She emotes wordlessly almost as well as JLaw does.

She's young and she's got some time to develop more. I want to put her on a preliminary hottie list. I think that once a little more of her youth turns into a more wizened appearance, she'll have that sultry look of a Lauren Bacall. And considering who her mother is, if acting doesn't pan out for her, she definitely has had the experience growing up around movie sets to pursue higher alternatives.

What do you think of Alice Englert?

Extra Tidbit: Keep in mind that this is Alice's mother, director Jane Campion at the age of 58.
Source: IMDB


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