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Hot or Not: Zoe Bell

12.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Responses were fair to middling for last week's Hot or Not babe, Elisabeth Rohm. Most of you were good with the former "Angel" (etc...) star, others weren't swayed too heavily one direction or the other. As for this week's pick, I have to get into the fact that I couldn't go see THE HATEFUL EIGHT on Xmas at the famous Cinerama Dome because somebody (or millions of somebodies) had to get all STAR WARS aggressive and bump its initial release. If only I had had this week's babe to kick some asses so I could get my way.

Zoe Bell

While many of us were already familiar with Bell long before she had jaws dropping with her stuntwomanship atop that car in DEATH PROOF, we just didn't know it. Bell had been the go-to woman for Lucy Lawless during her time on "Xena: Princess Warrior," high kicking her way through a huge body count without the splashy recognition. When Bell was hired on to be Uma Thurman's double for KILL BILL, a relationship with one of the most loyal directors in town was ignited.

People were so wowed with Zoe in DEATH PROOF that many of us worked our way through that clunky documentary, DOUBLE DARE, where a new found respect for the women working behind the scenes was highlighted. Bell clearly has a great body, if not a remarkable one. She's strong, flexible, and seems nearly invincible. Luckily for her, that body of hers can also take a beating; Bell suffered a major injury during her time on the KILL BILL set, requiring major surgery and pins in her wrist (and kudos to Tarantino for not dropping her like the rest of fickle Hollywood would have).

Zoe is definitely not a conventional beauty. She has a prominent nose that might turn a lot of people off. I like funky noses, so it does the opposite for me. In interviews, Bell is funny, self-effacing and wildly charming. On screen she grabs your attention whether she's being herself or pretending to be someone else. I find Zoe Bell insanely hot and incredibly sexy.

What do you think of Zoe Bell?

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