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Hot or Not: Vera Farmiga

05.05.2009by: Cherry Liquor

With Mother's Day coming up and all, I started thinking about how most of the women featured in movies as mothers are unrealistic at best in portraying a figure of what we grew up with. Sure, my mom may have been obsessed with her organic hippie make-up and going to the salon to get her nails done every week, but most of the other mothers picking their kids up from the playground looked either shitty or shittier. But every once in awhile there would be that realistic looking mom who was quietly hot as hell. Which brings me to this week's Hot or Not selection.

Vera Farmiga

Vera first slammed into my view as Madolyn in THE DEPARTED, a movie where she doesn't quite play a mom as she does a mother-like psychiatric figure to Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. It wasn't until later in 2006 that I caught her in RUNNING SCARED where she had a role on the mob side of the law, playing that trusty mobster's wife who can wrangle up the kids and make a mean spaghetti in between doing Paul Walker. Well, and his laundry.

It seems that playing the mother role has worked out well for her, as she ended up the matriarch in JOSHUA beside Sam Rockwell as her beleaguered husband, trying to figure out what to do with her suddenly turned evil 9 year old son. And if you really needed a reason to look past her as a mom, she gave you a stunning performance in the creepy but fascinating QUID PRO QUO as the obsessive Fiona.

With an upcoming role in the suspenseful looking ORPHAN, where Farmiga is trying to get over the loss of her infant by adopting a little 9 year old who isn't as innocent as she appears (are any kids that age innocent anymore?), looks like the hot mom role is going to be filled by Vera's very capable shoes for some time to come.

What do you think of Vera?

Extra Tidbit: You know what I like best about Vera? She can act. How rare and how unappreciated is that?
Source: IMDB
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