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Hot or Not: Chelsea Peretti

02.20.2018by: Cherry Liquor

I was tempted, sincerely tempted, to keep the BLACK PANTHER love going this week (it might be too early for a flat-out definitive categorization as such but I'm saying best Marvel movie to date, as far as I'm concerned) but the women in that movie are all obviously gorgeous, it would be unfair to even pose the question. Another woman most of you agree is one of the hottest around - Rachel McAdams - is appearing in this week's release GAME NIGHT. No, I'm not going to feature her here because, um, DUH. But also, the movie has another actress in it who I think needs some more love, so let's get to that.

Chelsea Peretti

I watch a disproportionate amount of stand-up comedy. It's not really hard to understand why - we're living in a pretty f*cked up society right now and finding a way to laugh about it with someone whose sole employment is to notice this shit and squeeze whatever funny they can out of it is a pretty easy (temporary) solution. There is something casual and relatable to Chelsea Peretti when she does her stand-up routine, it makes me feel like I'm sipping on a drink and listening to the funny one in my group spin a yarn.

I hadn't really thought about Chelsea too much as a hottie until I found out that she was with Jordan Peele. I don't know what it is about finding out a person is in a relationship that makes you start seeing them as a sexual being, although I guess it would be fair to say that it means that you don't see them as a sexual being to begin with. I'd thought Chelsea was funny, intelligent and someone who needed to find the right project to get her name in brighter lights, so I guess in a way it was a disappointment that it took her being attached to another famous funny person to really do so.

Once I put aside my, "that's that funny chick!" impression of Peretti, I noticed that she has an impressive booty. Killer legs. Her nose is distracting but she has a funny sense of humour about it and I cannot praise her enough for not chopping it off like so many others have felt pressured to do. That strong sense of self is quite a turn-on. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say she's hot to the point where I'd jump the fence for her but I definitely would love to hang out with her for a Game Night or two (thousand).

What do you think of Chelsea Peretti?

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