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Hot or Not: Troian Bellisario

01.29.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I often am teased because I rarely watch television. Until February 10th rolls around, there are only 2 shows that I schedule into my TV viewing throughout the week. I can watch reruns of "The Big Bang Theory" until I'm blue in the face but I do love the new episodes as well. The other is "Pretty Little Liars," an implausible mess of a show based on a series of YA books by a woman out of PA. I tried to convince myself and anyone who rolled their eyes at me that I was watching it just to hear them talk about Bucks County. Finally, I had to admit that I liked the spunky chicks who continually do stupid things in the dark. I'm giving one of them the HoN treatment this week.

Troian Bellisario

It took me a long time to come around to the character of Spencer, as played by Troian Bellisario. It took me realizing that she's the closest character to my personality (smart overachiever with a complex about losing control) and that might have been influencing my view on her. Which allowed me to really look closer at the actress herself.

Bellisario is the daughter of famous television producer, Donald P. Bellisario, the man who brought us "Magnum P.I.," "Quantum Leap," "J.A.G.," and "N.C.I.S." None of this matters when it comes to her looks, an interesting mixture of high cheek bones, large almond-shaped eyes, dimpled chin and a pouty doll mouth. She's long and lean, or at least is skinny enough to pull that off at 5'7". Petite but definitely athletic, built like a long-distance runner.

I think Troian is very pretty in the best of ways. She's memorable. I just don't personally find the ultra-thin female frames "Hot" worthy. I understand that there are plenty of human beings who are just naturally that thin. I don't hate on it. And Troian has moments of honest sexiness when camped up in Halloween episodes. But ultimately, I'd like to see her do more acting work before I'm willing to say that I'm completely won over.

What do you think of Troian Bellisario?

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