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Hot or Not: Tessa Thompson

11.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Just because she hasn't worked a lot (yet) in film and television doesn't mean that you haven't formed your opinions on Gwendoline Christie, last week's Hot or Not feature. Most were generally positive although the vibe was definitely more one of respect than of lust. Now how about someone who seems as if she's new to the scene but has been kicking around for a number of years already and is looking to finally full-on break out?

Tessa Thompson

I haven't been pumped to see a movie on a Thanksgiving weekend in quite some time but I feel that way about CREED, the continuation in the ROCKY universe where we get to see Sly take on Burgess' tough coach role for the grown son of his former foe, Apollo Creed. I love me some boxing movies but I especially love the heart behind the underdog series (yes, while in Philly, I even ran up the steps of the museum, like every single person who visits the famous boxer's run.... the statue of the boxer at the site became so popular, they had to move it to the bottom of the steps). I would be lying if I said I was just seeing it for the nostalgia of Stallone or the beefy hotness of Jordan - I've long been a fan of Tessa Thompson, who stars in the film as the young Creed's love.

You see, I'm a marshmallow. That is, I'm a big fan of the show "Veronica Mars," one of the places that Thompson first got her start. The show was brave enough to feature her as a young woman of color who had her own personality and wasn't just dialing in the "sista friend" role to the high school P.I. And Tessa played it well, giving depth to an otherwise unlikable character. She continued on that streak for some other shows (the failed "Hidden Palms," mostly known as the show Amber Heard got her start on, a role on the original "Heroes" and Rachael Taylor's stinker, "666 Park Avenue," although I do give praise to her brief time on "Copper," where you get to see her naked booty) before really catching on last year with a multi-layered turn in DEAR WHITE PEOPLE. I'd pay lots of money to have more of that film, which featured a lot of Tessa's raspy, molasses sweet-and-slow voice in the narration.

Tessa Thompson is seriously, addictively hot. I have gone out of my way to watch her projects, simply because she's in them and I love to look at and listen to her. She's tough, she's talented, she's eloquent in interviews, she's absolutely gorgeous in that way that gets overlooked and you want to smack yourself in the head for not noticing until everyone else is pointing it out to you. I love this girl.

What do you think of Tessa Thompson?

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