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Hot or Not: Tatiana Maslany

09.19.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I expected AMERICAN ASSASSIN to get trounced at the box office, only to discover that people don't love JLaw when she's being weird and proved that by not showing up to see MOTHER!. As for Charlotte Vega, we'll never know if she was the culprit behind Dylan O'Brien selling his undercover lover routine so well, but she clearly was a favorite of yours. As for this week, with the release of STRONGER, let's take a look at an actress who could kick your butt in more ways than you can imagine.

Tatiana Maslany

I stumbled onto Orphan Black after doing that social media thing where you ask your personal universe of friends to recommend a show to you after you've finished watching something (that dreaded "showhole" that Malcolm McDowell was banging on about) and someone I trusted informed me that the entire first season was available to stream. So I binged. I binged hard. I fell in love with how flawless Tatiana Maslany moved between 4 unique characters, changing their voices, body posturing and mannerisms. I became a part of the Clone Club universe in 2 short days, the amount of time it took me to soak it all in.

The hard part is that before Orphan Black, there really wasn't anything else that you could watch Maslany in. She'd had a few small roles in low budget movies and various small scale TV shows, as well as provided the voice for a character in EASTERN PROMISES, but that was about it. So if you loved Tatiana, you loved her for what she was doing best - playing the clones. Since the people who matter took notice of what a flawless performer she is, the roles have started to amp up a bit, including recognition in the nerd world, which cast her in voice roles for Robot Chicken and BoJack Horseman.

I can't figure out what Tatiana hasn't completely blown up. She's won awards for her work on OB and has a cute figure that she's not scared to show off (that first sex scene in season one!), not to mention an expressive face that might not be traditionally beautiful but hell, at least it's not Botoxed all to shit or overly primped, as if to mask what's really underneath, like some. I consider Tatiana to be that kind of next door neighbor beautiful, where you admire how fit and pretty she is but never consider her to be out of your realm. She's an amazing performer & sexy as f*ck when she's doing her thing. I think she's blisteringly hot.

What do you think of Tatiana Maslany?

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