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Hot or Not: Taryn Manning

09.10.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Now that the glorious creation that is NetFlix has made its way to Canada, it feels legit. I recall having to see so many posts from my Northern pals that they didn't have the service, that it's now refreshing to decide to watch an original NetFlix streaming series based on the recommendation of a Canuck (thanks Derek). Now I'm sure that if you're one of the people who has watched and fallen in love with "Orange is the New Black," you'll have heard that Laura Prepon might not be returning for a second season. You can sign a petition to keep her on or you can tweet at her to be forthright and admit that she's stalling because she's trying to get more money for the role. Or you could look over one of the most outrageous characters on the show and determine how hot or not her white trash thang is.

Taryn Manning

She's related to the football Manning's but that doesn't mean that she's the sporting type. Unless you consider that as a young person growing up, Taryn won medals and trophies in roller skating, dancing and karate. I also give her props for fighting her way to where she is now, having auditioned for big roles that ended up making other actresses (can you switch out Piper Perabo with Manning in COYOTE UGLY?) and instead doing everything she wanted to do with what she was given, even if it meant that she earned the White Trash Oscar for the stereotype.

I like her look. I think she looks like a lot of girls that I grew up with who were Navy Brats. Healthy looking with a touch of tramp, tough with a touch of golden and true heart, the girl who would tell you if your boyfriend was cheating on you and kick the shit out of the girl whom he was banging. A lot of Manning's physical look for me and why I like it so much is a general sense of feeling it evokes. If I look close and hard I see a great set of tits and ass on a face that can be dolled up or be completely invisible at the same time.

Personally, I find Taryn Manning hot. I cried in happiness for her character Nola in HUSTLE & FLOW (where the f*ck was her Oscar nom then??) learned how valuable she was. Taryn has a way about her which makes you feel connected. That takes looks even if they're not "traditionally beautiful." I find her beautiful because she brings to life people I grew up with. People I knew/know. The fact that she can simply BE (and also act the shit out of everything) is super sexy.

What do you think of Taryn Manning?

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