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Hot or Not: Tara Reid

04.03.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I know there are mixed feelings about AMERICAN REUNION. After creating a sensation in 1999 with a graphic portrayal what teenagers were up to in regards to sex (although frankly? We all know that by '99, all those dudes, as dorky as they supposedly were, would have been laid before their senior year), the franchise swiveled off to capitalize on the popularity of the characters and then spawned a series of direct-to-DVD movies that further squeezed the juice out of the legacy. With all of the original players coming back this time, you'd think it might be as good as the first time. But judging on one of the stars and her career trajectory since then, who knows?

Tara Reid

Rachael Leigh Cook was supposed to be the star of JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS and Rosario Dawson was supposed to be the exotic flavor, but I always liked Reid best in that flick. It's one of my little guilty pleasures and reminds me of a time when Reid had a nice little all-American girl body that only required elbows pressed inward to create the illusion of cleavage (or in this picture, where some Photoshop was added). She might not have been the most memorable, but she occasionally could be animated & cute, more than you can say for other simplistic blondes. (*cough*JanuaryJones*cough*)

Then came the partying with Paris Hilton. And the engagement to Carson Daly (although I think that might have coincided with J&TP). Then came the horrible tit job that got exposed on the red carpet. (In her defense, all those arguments about her feeling the breeze would be moot - I have a lot of friends with implants who report that even years after their surgery, they have next to zero sensation in their nipples). Then she got skinny to the point of anorexic. And man, did it ever get ugly during that time. Sometime after her brief reoccurring stint on "Scrubs," Reid became notorious for her ability to NOT get hired.

I don't know if they've been cleaning her up special for this unrolling of the latest AMERICAN installment, but I don't think I've seen Tara Reid look this good in about 5 years. She looks fresh and lively for someone who has such a burning reputation for being a partyer and drug user. She's 36-years old, has lived a colorful life and had some really bad plastic surgery, but hell, even with all that, there's an inner glow to her. While there were some years where I didn't consider the hotness of Tara mainly because I was busy feeling sorry for her, I will throw it out there and declare her hot in this current incarnation. Yes. I said it, I believe it, I'm sticking to it.

What do you think of Tara Reid?

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