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Hot or Not: Sofia Boutella

07.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Feedback seemed to indicate that you were all fans of Kate McKinnon, so much so that many claimed she was the main (or only) reason why they were going to brave the new GHOSTBUSTERS. The film didn't end up at number one over the box office weekend but it did pull in enough to squash a good portion of the complaints. This week we're looking down the barrel of a new installment in the Roddenberry universe with STAR TREK BEYOND, so let's turn our attention to another scene stealer with this week's hottie.

Sofia Boutella

From most reviews that I've glanced through, critics are claiming that Sofia Boutella is a far more compelling character in the latest STAR TREK film than even Captain Seduction himself. The wild makeup only makes me crave another season of "Face Off," but having already seen Boutella in all of her glory as the razor-footed Gazelle in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, I'm already familiar with how well she can command a scene. Since I know I'm only going to reignite my heartache over Yelchin's untimely death seeing one of my other favorite Trekkies on screen, I might just focus on Sofia instead.

Boutella was born in Algeria and quickly ushered into the world of dance, where she has said that while she was dancing, she was acting. She's a tiny thing, slender and standing at only 5'5" but she struts like a six-plus-footer when she enters the room, working that gorgeous fluidity that her body possesses. And, you know, that sweet dimpled chin, with less than 10% of the population bearing them, you have to be a mighty vixen to rock it like she does.

The hardest thing for me to believe about Boutella is that she's already 34-years old. While she only recently gained attention, she's been acting in dance movies for a few years, perhaps lengthening that youthful look of hers that pegs her age more in the early 20's. Her husky accented voice is intoxicating and your eyes are drawn to every graceful move her body makes. I think Sofia is scorching hot.

What do you think of Sofia Boutella?

Source: IMDB


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