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Hot or Not: Sienna Miller

04.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor

One thing you can bank on is the love of all things stupid when it comes to the vast majority of people in the States, which might be why the box office take for THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS was so fat over Easter weekend, but I'm sure it also has something to do with the beautiful women in those fast cars, including Nathalie Emmanuel. She was an easy Hot in this feature last week because, well, duh. As for one of the stars of THE LOST CITY OF Z, you'll tell me your feelings below. But I think it's safe to admit right off the bat that she's not as pretty as her co-star, Charlie Hunnam.

Sienna Miller

I'll be upfront and admit that I really don't like Sienna Miller. Her beauty is always going to come second to my opinion of her as the person she's demonstrated in the public eye, from her affair with Jude Law when he was still married (and the father of 4 small children) to crying over the fact that she caught him cheating on her with his kids' nanny (oh, the irony) to her bounce back choice of follow-up boyfriends, Balthazar Getty, who was also married with 4 young children when they started publicly gallivanting around. All of this will color my perception of her right off the bat, just so you're forewarned about how I'm approaching this (or why I've yet to feature her in a Hot or Not in the nearly 9 years that I've been doing this).

There are times when Miller has a very approachable hotness to her, when she's got a freshly scrubbed clean-faced look to her. There is something impressive about a woman who can be beautiful without a heaping ton of assistance and she definitely has that going for her when she wants to work it. Most of those whom I've seen praise her note that lingerie moment in LAYER CAKE as the defining moment of her hottie-ness, but I'm not all that swayed by her body. She's Hollywood thin without a lot of surgical work but for the most part, what she's got is rather bland to look at.

It's hard to speak to what kind of actress she is since the majority of her roles have been the supportive girlfriend nature (and that shit just doesn't look taxing in the slightest) or as the frowny-faced Baroness in the first GI JOE movie. While she looked hot there, the dark haired wig and extra padding in those costumes took away from the natural look and made her into something not authentic to her, so I can praise the costume/art department on that, but not her. Overall, Sienna Miller has the occasional hot moment but isn't hot as an enduring concept.

What do you think of Sienna Miller?

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